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Healthy Lunch Recipes – Tomatoes and Basil Pasta

Too much heavy food recently? Wanted to give your stomach a rest, eating something light and yet taste great? Try this…. Tomatoes and Basil Pasta. It’s vegetarian and also gives energy for the day. Ingredients: (2 servings)  120gm Spaghetti 2 fresh, peeled tomatoes Extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves of chopped Garlic A handful of fresh basil … Continue reading

Italian Food Recipes – Ham & Sun-dried tomatoes Pasta

Often we can’t finish a whole can of luncheon meat and wonder what to do about it. Another same luncheon meat as before? luncheon meat omelette? That’s sound soooo boring.. Zzzz… Here’s a great idea to transform the ordinary luncheon meat to an Italian restaurant-style pasta. Ingredients: (2 servings) Luncheon meat, half a can 80gm Sun-dried tomatoes 150gm Spaghetti Salt … Continue reading